OHIA Listserv

The Office of Hopkins Internal Audit has established email list-servers so that communication can be targeted to the broader organization in an efficient manner.  Not intended to be a regular communication vehicle, OHIA will leverage these electronic contact lists to send information out on risks as they emerge throughout the course of individual audits or as they are identified in the external environment.  These will take the form of “Internal Audit Alerts”.  The members of these email lists will form a broad network of internal control champions throughout the organization.

If you would like to join our ListServ please fill out the form and indicate your organizational affiliation (JHU, JHM, both) as this will help us ensure that you only receive information from us that is relevant to your organization.

To subscribe to the OHIA ListServe:
visit https://lists.jh.edu/sympa/lists (JHED login required), and then select “internalauditlistserv” from the list.