A message from the Chief Audit Officer

Johns Hopkins is a world leader in education, patient care
and research. We are proud to serve a world class health
system and the leading research university. Johns Hopkins
is well known and respected across the world.

Being a part of Johns Hopkins means being a leader not just
in healthcare, higher education and research, but in every
activity we do.

At Johns Hopkins, Internal Audit is a highly respected organization
that has regular access to the highest levels of
organizational leadership including the Board of Trustees.
We employ a service-oriented approach, focused on building
relationships throughout the organization, which we
then utilize to influence Institutional risk mitigation and
internal control practices. In carrying out our role, we operate
in many different capacities, from traditional internal
auditors to trusted advisors to teachers and champions of
effective risk mitigation. Committed to the engagement of
our staff, we seek to provide them the tools necessary to
perform at the highest levels possible while fostering a culture
of respect, teamwork and collaboration in the realization
that we are stronger as a team than as individual auditors.

Leveraging the best tools to access and analyze data,
we are a leader in continuous auditing and other data analytic
techniques. In short, we are committed to serving the
mission of this great organization, holding ourselves accountable
for the highest levels of service excellence.