Training Awareness

Training is an important aspect for building culture.  OHIA occasionally conducts training related to risk and internal controls, this provides an effective opportunity for OHIA to reach the broader organization by teaching and building relationships with participants who can then leverage OHIA expertise in the future.

  • Learning Solutions Instructor Led – opportunities exist for OHIA to participate in instructor-led courses developed through Learning Solutions.  Currently, OHIA participates in one instructor-led course, Sponsored Account Reconciliation which occurs on a monthly or as-needed basis and trains approximately 6-10 employees on the importance of account reconciliation and best practices in carrying out the process.
  • Other University and Division-Based Training – OHIA participates in other University or Division-based trainings which allow OHIA to interact with various levels of the organization.  Three current examples include:
    1. Research Administration Training Program – OHIA provides a 1-hour course educating Research Administration Training Program participants on the internal audit function and best practices in sponsored research administration.  These typically occur six times per year and are directed at both new and existing employee participants in the program.
    2. School of Medicine Research Administration Bootcamp – OHIA provides a half day training course to new research service analysts hired within the School of Medicine on a quarterly basis.  Class sizes vary between 12 to 25 participants.  During this lecture, OHIA provides background on the role and composition of internal audit while educating attendees on best practices in sponsored research.  Other topics covered include general best practices, information technology security and fraud.
    3. Departmental Research Administration Forums – At department’s request, OHIA will assist in facilitating forums related to research administration, internal controls and best practices.
  • Clinical Training – OHIA participates in various clinical training venues educating participants on best practices in the revenue cycle process.
  • FastFacts – FastFacts are online webinars that provide content in an efficient manner.  The initial training is live and is then recorded so that additional participants can view the content at a later date.
  • OHIA Speakers Bureau – Contact information will be available for those interested in having OHIA personnel address their areas to provide education and outreach related to various topics.  These discussions should be topical in nature and be focused on best practices in internal controls and emerging areas of risk.  OHIA representatives could discuss at departmental faculty and staff meetings or in any other venue requested.

If you are interested in having OHIA present to your staff on internal controls, emerging risks, best practices or a specific topic, please reach out to Marie Scannell at 667-208-8633.